Angelina Jolie at Tony awards 2024. (Image Credity: AFP)Angelina Jolie at Tony awards 2024. (Image Credity: AFP)

Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie stole the show at the 2024 Tony Awards, not just for her stunning outfit, but also for a surprising new addition to her look – a tattoo! The ceremony, held in New York City, celebrates the best of Broadway theatre.

Jolie, who’s also known for being a producer (someone who helps make movies and shows happen), attended the event with her daughter Vivienne. But all eyes were on Jolie as she walked the red carpet. She rocked a beautiful, custom-made dress by designer Versace. It was a light teal color, kind of like seafoam, and made of a soft, velvety material. The dress had a special neckline that dipped down in a curve at the chest, and a flowy shawl that draped around her shoulders.

But what everyone was buzzing about was a tiny new tattoo peeking out from the middle of Jolie’s chest. It looked like a small bird, maybe a sparrow, with its wings spread out as if it were flying. The tattoo was very detailed, but done in just black ink, so it looked simple and elegant.

This new tattoo seemed to be a recent addition. Pictures from a few months ago, when Jolie and Vivienne went to the opening night of a new Broadway show, “The Outsiders,” didn’t show any tattoo on her chest. “The Outsiders” is actually a play that Jolie helped produce!

No one knows for sure what the meaning of the tattoo is. Maybe it’s a special symbol for Jolie, or maybe it has something to do with “The Outsiders.” Sparrows are known for being free spirits, so maybe the tattoo represents freedom or independence. Or maybe it’s just a pretty design that Jolie likes!

Whatever the reason, the tattoo sure got people talking. It added a touch of mystery and intrigue to Jolie’s already glamorous look. And of course, everyone wanted to know more about it!

But the night wasn’t just about Jolie’s tattoo. The Tony Awards are all about celebrating amazing theatre productions and the talented people who make them happen. “The Outsiders,” which Jolie helped produce, actually did quite well at the awards! The show won four big awards, including the most important one – Best Musical! So it was a big night for Jolie, both on the red carpet and onstage.

Overall, the 2024 Tony Awards were a night of glitz, glamour, and great theatre. And Angelina Jolie, with her new tattoo and her producing success, was definitely one of the highlights of the evening.

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