Aquaman Flops With a $205 Million Splash: Christmas Box Office Dives While Wonka Takes the Stage! box office Aquaman 2, Wonka, Anyone But You ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

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Christmas came early for some at the box office this year, but Aquaman 2 wasn’t on the guest list. The flashy superhero sequel, costing a whopping $205 million to make, sputtered and sank in its opening weekend, leaving studios with a lump of coal instead of holly and berries.

While the movie might still find treasure in international waters, the North American box office numbers were grim. Aquaman barely managed to splash $27.7 million into the box office pool, a far cry from the waves of excitement its predecessor generated. Critics weren’t exactly singing its praises either, leaving audiences with mixed feelings about taking a dip in this underwater adventure.

But fear not, holiday moviegoers! Not all the stockings were empty. Timothee Chalamet donned Willy Wonka’s purple velvet coat and waltzed into theaters with “Wonka,” a prequel to the classic chocolate factory tale. The film, with its catchy tunes and whimsical world, tapped into a sweeter note, raking in a respectable $34.3 million in its debut. While not quite golden ticket territory, it offered a delightful escape for families looking for a sugar rush.

For those seeking a laugh, “Anyone But You” delivered a rom-com punch. The story of two best friends who accidentally fall in love (oops!) tickled the funny bone of audiences, earning $21.5 million. It might not be a groundbreaking rom-com revolution, but it provided a heartwarming giggle-fest for those seeking a lighthearted holiday treat.

Of course, the Grinch didn’t completely steal the show. Animation giant “Paws of Fury: The Legend of Hank” continued its reign of furry fun, adding another $18.7 million to its already impressive claws-ome total. And for those who like their holidays with a dash of sci-fi, “Cosmic Drifters” blasted off with a respectable $14.2 million, proving that even in the vastness of space, there’s room for a holiday adventure.

So, while Aquaman might have left audiences feeling a bit salty, the Christmas box office wasn’t entirely a shipwreck. Wonka’s sweetness, Anyone But You’s laughs, and the continued success of other films like Paws of Fury and Cosmic Drifters show that there’s still plenty of holiday cheer to be found on the silver screen. Just remember, sometimes the best gifts come in unexpected packages, and even the biggest budgets don’t guarantee a box office bonanza. So grab your popcorn, put on your Santa hat, and get ready for a diverse and delightful movie feast this holiday season!

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