Gayle King and Niece Mekenzye Schwab Turn Up the Heat in Annual Thanksgiving Swimsuit ShootGayle King and her niece . PHOTO: GAYLE KING/INSTAGRAM

Cancun, Mexico – Gayle King, the renowned journalist and co-host of CBS Mornings, has once again turned heads with her annual Thanksgiving tradition: a glamorous swimsuit photo shoot with her niece, Mekenzye Schwab. This year, the duo took their sun-kissed celebration to the tropical paradise of Cancun, Mexico, where they posed in a series of stunning bathing suits against the backdrop of the turquoise Caribbean Sea.

King, 68, and Schwab, 32, have been showcasing their enviable physiques and close bond through their annual swimsuit shoots for several years now. Their lighthearted tradition has garnered a loyal following on social media, where fans eagerly await their Thanksgiving escapades.

This year’s photo shoot was no exception, with King and Schwab exuding confidence and radiance in their vibrant swimwear. King opted for a stylish one-piece bathing suit with bold floral prints, while Schwab dazzled in a sleek two-piece ensemble that accentuated her toned figure.

The duo’s playful energy and genuine connection were evident in each photograph. They struck a variety of poses, from playful beachside romps to elegant poolside lounging, all while capturing the essence of their special aunt-niece relationship.

In addition to their stunning swimwear, King and Schwab also showcased their impeccable style in a series of complementary outfits. They donned breezy maxi dresses for sunset strolls, transitioned into chic evening attire for candlelit dinners, and embraced casual beachside attire for leisurely days under the sun.

Their Thanksgiving getaway was not just about capturing picture-perfect moments; it was also a chance for the duo to cherish their time together and express their gratitude for their unbreakable bond.

“I’m so grateful for my niece, Mekenzye,” King shared in an accompanying social media post. “She brings so much joy and laughter into my life. Our annual swimsuit photo shoot is a tradition I look forward to every year. It’s a chance to celebrate our love and make memories that will last a lifetime.”

Schwab echoed her aunt’s sentiments, adding, “I’m so lucky to have Gayle as my aunt. She’s more than just my family; she’s my role model, my confidante, and my best friend. Our annual swimsuit photo shoot is a fun way to express our unique bond and create memories that we’ll cherish forever.”

As their annual tradition continues to gain traction, King and Schwab have become an inspiration to many, proving that age is just a number when it comes to embracing life’s simple pleasures and celebrating meaningful connections. Their infectious energy and unwavering support for one another serve as a reminder that true friendship knows no bounds.

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