Heart Evangelista (Photo by Jessica Pag-iwayan)

In the world of fashion, there are those who follow trends religiously and those who dare to express themselves through their unique style. For Filipino fashion icon Heart Evangelista, there’s a fine line between being a fashionista and a fashion victim.

In an interview with Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Heart shared her insights on the term “fashion victim,” which has been used in the industry with various interpretations. She believes that a true fashionista is someone who has an innate sense of style and doesn’t need to blindly follow trends.

“If you are a true-blue fashionista, it should be innate,” Heart emphasized. “You don’t need anybody to dress you up. You have to dress according to how you feel because it will automatically look good.”

 Heart Evangelista Speaks Up: "True Fashionistas Don't Follow Trends Blindly"
Heart Evangelista (Photo by Jessica Pag-iwayan)

Heart, who is known for her impeccable taste and ability to mix and match pieces, believes that fashion should be a source of joy and self-expression. She encourages people to embrace their individuality and not be afraid to experiment with different styles.

“Fashion is about expressing yourself,” she said. “It’s about telling your story through the clothes you wear. It’s about feeling good about yourself.”

To further illustrate her point, Heart cited her all-black look at Zalora’s 11.11 Party as an example of how she incorporates her personal style into her wardrobe choices. The ensemble, which featured a floral scarf, was a departure from the usual all-black attire seen at the event.

“It’s one of the first steps to feeling good,” Heart explained. “Kahit hindi ka feeling good, ‘yun yung armor mo (Even if you’re not feeling good, that’s your armor). Nobody has a perfect life. We are all trying to fight the struggles, the real issues in our lives. For me, magsusuot ako ng bulaklak kasi nakaka-happy (I’ll wear a floral scarf because it makes me happy).”

Heart’s message is clear: fashion should be a fun and empowering experience, not a source of stress or conformity. She encourages people to embrace their personal style and not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

“Embrace your fashion sense and don’t conform sa kung anong uso lang (to what’s on trend),” she advised. “Kung anong gusto mong suotin, ‘yan nakaka-happy (The things you want to wear will make you happy).”

Heart Evangelista’s insights on fashion and individuality serve as a reminder that style is not about following trends blindly; it’s about expressing one’s true self through clothing choices. So, next time you get dressed, take a moment to consider how you want to feel and let your personality shine through your fashion choices.

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