Many people know Bethany Joy Lenz from her role as Haley James Scott on the popular teen drama “One Tree Hill.” But behind the scenes of her successful acting career, Lenz was battling a difficult secret: she was involved in a cult for ten years. Now, she’s sharing her story in a new memoir called “Dinner for Vampires.”

Finding “Family” in a Bible Study

Lenz, an only child, always craved a sense of belonging. She found what seemed like a perfect fit in a Bible study group for people in the entertainment industry. It felt like a supportive community, a place where she could connect with others who understood her life.

Unfortunately, things took a dark turn. The Bible study slowly changed into something more controlling. The leader, who called themselves a “minister,” started to manipulate and pressure the members. This manipulation and pressure made Lenz and the others feel scared and unsure of themselves.

The group, called The Big House Family, had its own set of rules. They convinced Lenz to move to a special compound they owned, far away from her friends and family. There, the minister had even more control over her life.

A Decade of Manipulation

Lenz describes the ten years she spent in The Big House Family as a time of “spiritual abuse.” The minister used religion to control the group’s members. They were told how to dress, who they could talk to, and even who they could marry.

The book reveals that the minister pressured Lenz into marrying one of his sons. This kind of control is a common tactic used by cults to isolate and weaken their members.

Finding Strength to Leave

Leaving the cult wasn’t easy. It took a lot of courage for Lenz to finally break free. She eventually realized that The Big House Family wasn’t a healthy environment, and she deserved better.

Healing and Sharing Her Story

It’s been almost a decade since Lenz left the cult. She’s gone through a lot of therapy to heal from the emotional damage.

Writing “Dinner for Vampires” was a way for her to process her experience and share it with others. She hopes that her story will help people who may be involved in cults or other controlling groups.

Why This Story Matters

Lenz’s story is important because it sheds light on the dangers of cults. Cults can be very secretive, and it’s easy to get pulled in without realizing what’s happening.

By sharing her experience, Lenz is helping to raise awareness about cult tactics and how to protect yourself.

Beyond the Cult: A Double Life

“Dinner for Vampires” isn’t just about the cult. It’s also about Lenz’s life as an actress on “One Tree Hill.” The book details how she managed to balance her demanding acting career with the pressures of being in a cult.

It’s a story of resilience and strength, showing how Lenz was able to find success even during a difficult time in her life.

Looking Ahead

Bethany Joy Lenz is a brave survivor who is using her voice to help others. “Dinner for Vampires” is a powerful story that will resonate with anyone who has ever felt lost or controlled.

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