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Remember a few years back when Sheryl Crow said she was done making albums? Well, good news for fans – she’s back!

In 2019, Sheryl told interviewers her album “Threads” would be her last. Back then, she thought the whole album format was kind of fading away, like an old friend you don’t see much anymore. But guess what? It turns out Sheryl just had a change of heart, and that’s a good thing because we have a brand new album called “Evolution” to enjoy!

Sheryl laughs about it now, saying she can’t always be trusted with what she says. She admits she never really planned a full album, but the songs just kept coming. It felt more like a collection of great new tunes, so she figured, “Why not share them with everyone?” She even joked about calling it “Sheryl Crow’s Playlist” because it has that free-flowing, fun feel.

So, what inspired this creative burst? Sheryl says a big part of it was thinking about the future, especially with all the new technology like artificial intelligence (AI). She wondered how it might affect artists and even what it means to be human in this changing world. For example, with AI, someone could take her voice and create a whole new “Sheryl Crow” song! That got her thinking about truth and how we tell what’s real anymore.

But it wasn’t all serious thoughts. Being a mom, Sheryl also explored the challenges of raising kids in a world filled with technology. She says it made her think about the importance of just stopping sometimes, putting down the phones and computers, and simply enjoying the moment.

All these thoughts and experiences turned into amazing songs, and that’s what “Evolution” is all about. It’s a mix of what Sheryl’s been thinking about, feeling, and living through. There’s something for everyone, from catchy tunes that make you want to dance to deeper songs that make you think.

Sheryl’s also excited to be back on the road, performing live. There’s nothing quite like the energy of a concert, the connection with the audience. She says she can’t wait to share these new songs in person and see how fans react.

So, there you have it! Sheryl Crow is back, and it sounds like she’s better than ever. “Evolution” is a fantastic new album filled with great music and interesting ideas. If you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss it. And even if you’re not familiar with Sheryl’s work, give “Evolution” a listen – you might just discover your new favorite artist!

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