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Apple TV+ brings back the classic legal thriller “Presumed Innocent” with a modern twist. This gripping series stars Jake Gyllenhaal as Rusty Sabich, a respected prosecutor whose world gets flipped upside down when a beloved colleague is murdered, and he becomes the prime suspect.

A Tangled Web

The story starts with Carolyn Polhemus (played by Morena Baccarin), a brilliant lawyer and Rusty’s former lover, being found dead. Rusty, a married man with kids, is devastated. But things take a dark turn when evidence surfaces, pointing towards him as the killer.

Rusty swears he’s innocent, but the more he tries to clear his name, the deeper he sinks into a web of lies, secrets, and betrayal.

The Good, the Bad, and the Suspicious

The All-American Everyman?

Jake Gyllenhaal delivers a powerful performance as Rusty. He’s not your typical Hollywood hero. Rusty is flawed – a man caught between love for his family and a passionate affair. We see his desperation as he fights to prove his innocence, but there’s also a layer of guilt and darkness that makes us question, “Is he really innocent?”

A Stellar Supporting Cast

Gyllenhaal is surrounded by a talented cast. We’ve got veteran actors like Brian Dennehy (who sadly passed away in 2020) as Rusty’s tough-as-nails boss, Raymond Horgan, and Samuel L. Jackson (though rumors say his role might be recast for the series) as the ambitious prosecutor, Nico Della Guardia, determined to put Rusty away.

Twists and Turns That Will Keep You Guessing

Just when you think you’ve figured out who did it, “Presumed Innocent” throws another curveball. The series is full of twists and turns that will keep you guessing until the very end. The writers do a great job of building suspense, making you question every character and their motives.

A Blast from the Past with a Modern Touch

While the series stays true to the core of the original story, it also updates it for a contemporary audience. The show tackles relevant issues like workplace harassment and the pressures of maintaining a perfect image.

Is it for you?

If you’re a fan of legal thrillers with complex characters and a plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then “Presumed Innocent” is definitely worth checking out. It’s a show that will make you think twice about who to trust.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • There’s some violence and mature themes, so it might not be suitable for younger viewers.
  • The legal jargon can get a bit heavy at times, but the overall story is easy to follow.
  • If you’re looking for a fast-paced action show, this might not be it. “Presumed Innocent” is more about the slow burn, building suspense and revealing secrets layer by layer.

The Verdict

“Presumed Innocent” is a well-made and suspenseful legal thriller. Great acting, a twisty plot, and a modern take on a classic story make it a show that will stay with you long after the credits roll. So, grab some popcorn, settle in, and get ready to be surprised!

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