Tom Cruise's Sequel Drought: Why He's Only Made Two Follow-Ups in 42 Years

Tom Cruise is known for his impressive career in Hollywood, spanning over four decades and boasting a filmography of diverse genres and roles. However, there’s one interesting fact that sets him apart from other A-list actors – he’s only made two sequels outside of the Mission: Impossible franchise in 42 years.

Yes, you read that right! Despite being one of the most bankable stars in Tinseltown, Cruise has surprisingly avoided sequels like the plague, except for two instances. And we’re not counting the Mission: Impossible series, which has seen eight installments so far, with the latest one, Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 2, set to release later this year.

So, what are these two sequels? Well, they are none other than Top Gun: Maverick, which hit theaters last year and saw Cruise reprising his iconic role as Maverick, and the upcoming film, Edge of Tomorrow 2, which is currently in development. That’s right, folks – in over four decades of making movies, Tom Cruise has only signed up for two sequels that aren’t part of the Mission: Impossible universe.

But why is that? Is it because he’s not interested in revisiting characters? Or perhaps he’s just too busy with his work in the Mission: Impossible franchise? Whatever the reason may be, it’s clear that Cruise is very selective when it comes to sequels.

Interestingly, Cruise has talked about how much he enjoys playing Ethan Hunt, the protagonist of the Mission: Impossible series. In an interview with Variety, he shared, “I love playing Ethan Hunt. I love the challenges that come with it. It’s a character that has evolved over time.” Perhaps that’s why he keeps coming back to the franchise, time and time again.

However, when it comes to other sequels, Cruise seems to be more discerning. For instance, he wasn’t interested in doing a sequel to his 2006 film, The Da Vinci Code, despite its massive success at the box office. Similarly, he passed on the opportunity to star in a sequel to Minority Report, citing creative differences.

It’s worth mentioning that Cruise isn’t completely opposed to sequels. In fact, he’s expressed interest in revisiting some of his classic characters, like Vincent Lauria from the 1999 film, Magnolia. But those projects haven’t materialized yet.

Cruise’s aversion to sequels could also be attributed to his desire to keep experimenting with different roles and genres. Throughout his career, he’s played everything from a vampire lothario in Interview with the Vampire to a sports agent in Jerry Maguire, a pilot in Top Gun, and even a futuristic soldier in Edge of Tomorrow. This versatility has helped maintain his relevance in Hollywood and kept audiences engaged.

Of course, there’s always the possibility that Cruise might change his mind about sequels in the future. After all, never say never in show business, right? Maybe we’ll see him return to another beloved character or franchise sometime down the line. Fans certainly wouldn’t complain about seeing more of his iconic roles.

In conclusion, Tom Cruise’s limited involvement in sequels outside of the Mission: Impossible franchise speaks volumes about his commitment to quality storytelling and his willingness to take risks in his acting choices. Whether he’ll continue to shy away from sequels remains to be seen, but one thing’s certain – fans will eagerly await whatever project he chooses to pursue next.

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