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For years, fans of the iconic “The Mummy” franchise have yearned for a sequel reuniting the original stars, Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz. Whispers of a fourth film have swirled like desert sands, igniting hope and speculation in equal measure. But amidst the rumors, one question remains unanswered: will Fraser and Weisz actually return to their roles as Rick O’Connell and Evelyn Carnahan?

Let’s unravel the truth behind these tantalizing rumors, separating fact from fiction.

Rumors and Fan Frenzy:

In early 2023, a social media storm erupted with the alleged leak of a “The Mummy 4” poster. Dubbed “The Mummy: Fountain of the Persian Knights,” the image boasted a 2025 release date and featured Fraser and Weisz in their classic adventurous garb. This sparked widespread excitement, leading many to believe the project was finally in motion.

However, it soon became clear that the poster was a fan-made creation, fueling disappointment but not extinguishing hope entirely. The buzz surrounding Fraser’s recent Oscar win for his role in “The Whale” further reignited the flames of speculation, leading many to believe he might be more open to revisiting the franchise.

Fraser Open to the Possibility:

In an interview with Deadline, Fraser expressed his openness to returning to “The Mummy” if the right conditions were met. He stated, “I’m not opposed to it. I don’t know an actor who doesn’t want a job.” This statement, while not a confirmation, offered a glimmer of hope for fans eager to see him reprise his iconic role.

Weisz Remains Uncommitted:

While Fraser’s stance is encouraging, Weisz has remained silent on the matter. She hasn’t publicly addressed the rumors, leaving her potential involvement shrouded in mystery. However, with her son now grown, the logistical hurdles that previously prevented her participation might no longer be an issue.

Universal Studios: A Silent Partner:

Despite the fan fervor and Fraser’s open-mindedness, Universal Studios, the franchise’s rights holder, has remained mum on the subject of “The Mummy 4.” The studio hasn’t released any official statements or confirmed any development plans, leaving the future of the film uncertain.

The Obstacles Ahead:

Even if both Fraser and Weisz were to come on board, numerous hurdles would need to be overcome before “The Mummy 4” becomes a reality. Finding a compelling storyline, securing a director and screenwriter, and navigating complex production logistics are just some of the challenges that lie ahead.

Fan Power: A Force to Be Reckoned With:

While the official future of “The Mummy 4” remains unclear, one thing is certain: the fans hold immense power. Their continued enthusiasm and vocal support for a Fraser and Weisz-led sequel can significantly influence the decision-making process at Universal Studios.


The possibility of a “The Mummy 4” featuring Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz remains an alluring prospect for fans of the franchise. While there is no concrete evidence of the project moving forward, the combined factors of Fraser’s openness, Weisz’s potential availability, and the enduring fan passion create a tantalizing scenario.

Whether Rick and Evelyn will embark on another thrilling adventure remains to be seen. But one thing is certain: the legend of “The Mummy” lives on, fueled by the unwavering hope that the stars might align and bring the O’Connells back to the silver screen.

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