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Ever since Iron Man sacrificed himself to save the universe in Avengers: Endgame, fans have wondered who might take his place. A new theory suggests that Spider-Man might be following a similar path, but in a way that’s not so great.

Spidey’s Fresh Start

Remember how Spider-Man: Far From Home ended? Peter Parker was pretty bummed. He lost his mentor, Tony Stark (Iron Man), and things got even tougher in No Way Home. Now, everyone forgets who he is, thanks to a crazy spell. Basically, Peter has a clean slate.

This is both exciting and scary. It’s cool that he can forge his own path, but he’s also all alone. No one remembers him saving the world alongside the Avengers.

A Theory About Peter’s Future

Here’s where the theory comes in. Some fans think that as Peter rebuilds his life, he might become too focused on being a hero. They worry he’ll be so busy fighting bad guys that he’ll neglect other parts of his life, just like Iron Man sometimes did.

Think about it. Iron Man was known for putting on a brave face, but he also struggled with anxiety and a fear of failure. He poured all his energy into building suits and fighting threats, which sometimes hurt his personal relationships.

The theory suggests Peter might fall into the same trap. He might become so obsessed with proving himself as a hero, especially without Tony around, that he’ll forget about school, friends, and maybe even a normal life.

Why This Would Be a Bad Thing

Sure, Spider-Man is all about responsibility, but that doesn’t mean he can’t have fun or take breaks. Peter’s always been a relatable character because he juggles being a hero with the everyday problems of a teenager.

If he becomes this serious, brooding hero, it wouldn’t feel like the Spider-Man we know. We wouldn’t get to see his funny quips, his struggles with homework, or his desire to connect with people.

What We Really Want for Spider-Man

Most fans probably want to see Peter grow as a hero, but we also want him to grow as a person. We want to see him balance his responsibilities with his normal life.

Imagine Peter using his smarts to not only build cool gadgets but also ace a science test. Maybe he could even use his powers to help out at school events, like setting up decorations in record time!

The best Spider-Man stories show him learning from his mistakes, dealing with loss, and figuring out who he wants to be. We want to see him happy, even if that means taking a break from saving the world every now and then.

So, Will Peter Become Iron Man 2.0?

Only time will tell what the future holds for Spider-Man. But hopefully, the next movie will show him learning from Tony’s legacy without making the same mistakes.

Maybe Peter can find a way to honor Iron Man’s memory while still staying true to himself – the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man with a heart of gold and a knack for making funny remarks during fights.

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