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Imagine a movie script, full of twists and turns, written way back in 1993. It sits on a shelf, gathering dust, while big-name directors like Steven Spielberg take a peek but never quite commit. That’s the story of “The Little Things,” a crime thriller that finally hit the screen in 2021, a whopping 28 years after it was first written! Let’s unravel the mystery behind this movie’s long journey.

Act 1: Enter John Lee Hancock, Script in Hand

Our story begins with John Lee Hancock, a young screenwriter with a head full of ideas. In 1993, he pours his heart into a script called “The Little Things.” It’s a classic whodunit, set in the gritty world of 1990s Los Angeles. A burned-out detective, Joe Deacon (played eventually by Denzel Washington), is called back to help with a case. Partnered with a rising star detective named Jim Baxter (played by Rami Malek), Deacon finds himself drawn to a mysterious outsider, Albert Sparma (played by Jared Leto). Sparma seems to know a little too much about the case, but is he a witness or something more sinister?

Act 2: The Frustrating Search for a Director

With the script finished, Hancock sets out to find the perfect director to bring his vision to life. Spielberg takes a look, but things don’t quite click. Other big names come and go. The years tick by, and “The Little Things” remains stuck in development purgatory. What’s the problem?

There could be a few reasons. Maybe the script felt a little old-fashioned, a throwback to a different era of crime thrillers. Perhaps the dark and suspenseful tone wasn’t quite in vogue at the time. Or maybe it was just a case of bad timing, with studios not quite seeing the potential in the story.

Act 3: A New Hope Emerges

As the years roll by, Hancock himself becomes a successful director, helming movies like “The Blind Side” and “Saving Mr. Banks.” But “The Little Things” never quite leaves his mind. Finally, in 2018, something changes. The rise of streaming services like HBO Max creates a new market for films that might not have found a home in traditional theaters. Hancock sees his chance.

Act 4: Lights, Camera, Action (Almost)!

With renewed hope, Hancock takes on the director’s chair himself. He assembles a dream cast: Denzel Washington, a Hollywood legend; Rami Malek, fresh off his Oscar win for “Bohemian Rhapsody”; and Jared Leto, known for his intense performances. Filming begins, and for Hancock, it must be a bittersweet feeling. The story he wrote so many years ago is finally coming to life.

Act 5: The Big Premiere (Finally!)

In 2021, “The Little Things” is released, not in grand movie theaters, but on HBO Max. Reviews are mixed. Some love the film’s suspense and the powerhouse performances of the cast. Others find it a bit dated or lacking in originality. But one thing is for sure: the long and winding road of “The Little Things” is a story in itself.

Epilogue: A Lesson in Patience

The journey of “The Little Things” teaches us a valuable lesson. Sometimes, even the best ideas take time to find their place in the world. It takes persistence, a little bit of luck, and maybe a change in the times for a story to finally be told. So next time you see a movie and wonder about its history, remember the long road “The Little Things” took. It’s a reminder that even in Hollywood, with all its glitz and glam, sometimes the greatest stories have to wait their turn.

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